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Is it wise to start my own Affiliate program?
I am looking into different affliate networks for quite some time now. And from what I have seen that they don't pay the publisher's well. And if they do (which is highly rare btw). Something else is not well.

So, if I start my own affiliate program. Will it be good idea? I have my own products which includes books, ebooks, tutorials and other info-learning materials.
Anybody can start anything. But doing something without any strategy or planning is just stupid.

You wrote that you have products, right? Well can they get sales.. Do they have proven sales funnels, landing pages, demand, product awareness and last but not the least is people willing to buy ?? ..
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Fully agree with @marketingS here.

And what have you in mind? I mean which platform/CMS are you wishing to host your store in?

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