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Skyscraper Technique, getting in touch with other Bloggers !!
How to get in touch with other Bloggers while doing link building through Skyscraper Technique?

I have read all articles from backlinko and also related articles which are present in ahref blog and all. But no one seems to cover the trick of getting in touch with the other bloggers. I find it the most difficult step of all.

They only say the standard method of doing it is via email. And then they deviate to other points.
The truth is that there is no standard way to contact.

Either you get in touch with your fellow bloggers. And convince them to give you a link. Or, you fail to contact them or you do contact them but you fail to convince them.

I myself get in touch with other bloggers through facebook and chats. It's far better and fast way.

Now you might argue that who is going to give you a link since you are a total stranger on social platform. It is correct!! But I don't ask for these right away. I have built a relationship with them. Yes, it is long haul game. And you must play it to get it done correctly. Because also remember this when you do get a link. It shall help you rank also for a long time.

Now, from person to person these methods may vary and also some people may argue over privacy and/or personal-professional life. But my point is getting the job done and that's it.Smile
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Very well put. @limbo

If you are emailing to total strangers. Then the process is bound to get delayed for a long time and even won't get success.

So, it's wise to make a relationship and then offer them something.
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@mediadrug @limbo

Ok, I understand what you guys are saying.

But the question here is that I have seen my fellow bloggers to get in touch with other bloggers through emails. Then why am I only one not getting replies?
@macaulead Well that can depend on many things.

One thing that can be is. How well your fellow blogger is known in your niche.

If the person is popular then it becomes very easy.

Another thing that can be is do they know each other!

In many instances it happen that we exchange email addresses in conferences or meetings. So, emailing such people also increases the possibility to hear back.
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@mediadrug Well they are quite popular. They are not very big but they are not small like me either. And also I am not aware of their previous contacts and connections.
Getting reply from emails is also an art. The email headline to text, everything depends on it.

The headline have to be catchy and meet the eye. For the user to open the email. But it cannot be to too catchy and spam like.

In text area too the email has to personalized as possible. Yet maintaining a professional approach. Now while talking about thee text part. It's best if you are mailing somebody for first time then you should bait him or her somehow. Like by telling them they have any error in their site or suggest them something that can be helpful to them. Then when they start talking to you. You casually mention the link thing. Now some might argue isn't the error thing the first that comes in mind while talking about skyscraper technique?! Yes but it's a different one. The (different)error or any kind of such thing is the one that shall be discussed in the first instance. Not the error-link thing.
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@white knight Is there any standard mailing format that I can follow?
(02-01-2021, 04:50 AM)macaulead Wrote: @white knight Is there any standard mailing format that I can follow?

That's the most common mistake done by any blogger if you ask me.

Don't follow any standard pattern or format. Just go as you please. Write the email just like as if you were writing it to your co-worker.

Make it personalized as much as possible.
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Ok, now I am wondering why bother to mail them in the first place ?!

Just connecting through SM shall do !!
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