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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - November 2020
Discover showed some recovery sign. But still it's way down.Sad
@macaulead I know it's better than nothing. But still the numbers from Discover are way down. Like 80% down.
I just don't understand why US traffic keep fluctuating is such a tremendous way. There is no election going on right now, right? Then why?

On odd hours around 40% increase and in regular hours negative 50%.

And also for many sites Google is replacing SERP's with weird descriptions from their own. Is google trying to game their own game?
@vk_lord I believe that's an understatement right now.

Many things are going on with Google right now. And in many tech giants. They are under continuous scrutiny and other what not's.

Moreover, as you have noticed Google itself is doing many changes. Whether or not they are trying to game anything, doesn't really matter right now. We all have to wait until this election to be over for good and then hope Google don't gutter our SERP's while making changes on for their own or for the Govt.Tongue
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(11-25-2020, 03:43 PM)vk_lord Wrote: On odd hours around 40% increase and in regular hours negative 50%.

40% increase wow!! I wish I could say the same. Mine is low as 5-10% only.Sad
This entire year is weird. Usually this time of the year my traffic remains low but super converting.

But this year it's actually quite the opposite. I don't know from where the traffic is coming from because GA doesn't say otherwise. And the traffic is super irrelevant to the most.

Around 40% increase in traffic compared to last year. But revenue is down by 50%.
@white knight How is it buddy today??Tongue

People who saw a spike seeing some serious decline today. But good eCPM rates are back.
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HA HA !!! Smile @nehal91

Indeed fell. And ecpm rates are back probably because all of a sudden the traffic became super targeted.Wink
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European traffic is so so.

But I am really wondering that what is up with the US traffic. It is showing clearly no sign of recovery and falling every single day.
@nehal91 Many are reporting that their traffic is dropping since 25th or a day later. So, go figure. Possibly another update. Meanwhile Barry is raising this issue asking even it's prior to 25th.

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