Types of links to avoid in the age of Penguin 2.0

Google is now showing a very thorough look up over each and every site links. As, we can see that after the recent update in Google penguin, myriad number of sites have been red-flagged and a huge number of sites have also lost their rankings in the search results. Recently, i have been observing what kind of links we must avoid to remain unaffected by the present Google updates. The types which i have found to avoid, i am now discussing them a bit.

Paid links : Google does not likes the site which buys paid links for them. In order to boost up their ranks some site owners buys link to get noticed in the eyes of the search engines, now-a-days these kind of link building strategies won’t work any more.

Link Exchange : “I will visit your site and you will visit mine”- The link exchange trick to get traffic and in turn to get ranked are obsolete these days. Link wheel (site A linking to site B, site B linking to site C, site C linking to site A) which is used by many of the site owners in place of direct link exchange also should be avoided as per by recommendation. As, because if you are not clever enough to trick Google (which i say is very hard) then you will get penalized.

Irrelevant Internal linksĀ : Linking between the different pages within one site is a great way to engage a visitor to a site. But the linking should be done carefully. Excessive linking which are not necessary trying to forcefully engage the visitor is a bad option. It not only creates a bad impression of your site to the reader but also to Google.

Low quality Links : Link building via blog commenting, article directory submission, blog directory submission are some good practices until you do it the right way. Blog commenting links and article directory submission links are easy to make so many site owners do it as they don’t need much effort. But now Google is valuing these links much less than previous as the sole purpose of blog commenting and article directory submissions have become only to create links. I am not saying that these techniques had gone extinct but too much of these can harm your site rankings or even penalized if there are spam comments and spammy links from article directories. The next comes the Blog directory submission, this is also well if links came from relevant sites. Links from sites which are not of your niche or related niches are going to be bad for your site.

Links from Social Media sites : Links from different social networking sites have no value. You can create thousands of them but still you will have no rank change. The social networking sites can only be used for making the proper outreach to your customers (readers).

I have only tried to explain the types of link buildings (which should be avoided) which are in my opinion not appropriate. There are many other types also. Hope, this post help you all.



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