SEO Checklist

SEO checklist

Why your business needs to make a Responsive Website?

Mobile commerce is expected to gain a remarkable standard in these coming years. Hence, it is important to consider making a responsive web design for all business having existence on internet.

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#AskSearchQuality India – Mobile

See Ashish Kalsi and Abhishek Roy talks in #AskSearchQuality India about Mobile Website Crawlers.

Writing SEO for blogs

blog seo

SEO is a short form for Search engine optimization. It can also be used to mean search engine optimized when referring to content that has undergone the process of optimization. Optimization is in its most basic form the making of content to be easily searchable by search engines and be ranked high in the results. There is a reason why people want to optimize their content on the blogs that they own or run.

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eHow has been hit by Google Panda 4.1

Now it is confirmed that, one of the most popular site allover the internet has been hit by Google Panda 4.1.

It is reported by that has lost 28% of the US traffic that it was getting prior to this update.

ehow loses traffic due to google panda 4.1 update

Check out the complete list of Google Panda 4.1 winners and losers here.

Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


Today in the digital age social media plays an important role when it comes to marketing. In the case of building relationship with the customers or getting good conversion of your product social media effects are immense.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are all social media giants. As billions of people across the globe uses them everyday, these are very good platforms to build and drive traffic to your site. When it comes to social media platform’s referral traffic Facebook is the “blue whale” of this ocean. Read More

8 Blogger Outreach Tools

Blogger Outreach is a really important factor that all bloggers should keep in Blogger outreach toolsmind. You can get, suppose 1000 visitors per day on a page which is extremely well build and managed. But using proper outreach theories and tools you can even increase that number, have thought of that any time? If you haven’t then give it a thought.

Proper blogger outreach will create a great bonding between your end users and your brand. The time, effort and money that all your are spending in content marketing, SEO etc can finally give you some result if you use the proper outreach methods. Read More

6 Ways to Create a Brilliant Blog

Creating a brilliant blog requires dedication, creativity and patience. If you want to create a brilliant blog, you should examine the best ways to accomplish this goal.ways to blog Over the years, experts have studied the most effective ways to craft a blog that captures an audience and keeps them coming back to the website. Here are six ways you should implement today. Read More

Why SEO is important same as Advertising ??

Recently, i had came up across some questions that “Why SEO is important same as advertising??”. Some people asks that paid advertising such as outbound marketing, running ad campaigns (through adwords, facebook etc) also needs money and SEO also needs money then ‘why anybody should invest in SEO?’ as there is no surety that one should get the proper return for investment. Read More

.htaccess 301 Redirect

301 redirect or commonly ‘moved permanently’ is one of the most used technical terms in the world of webmasters.  Although there are more than one ways to create a redirection but among them the .htaccess file redirection is most operational. Read More